Nicolas Delfino

 What do you do at Seasats?

I handle the build / wiring of the vehicle’s cable system + electro-mechanical assemblies while helping the team document and streamline our production process. With the aid of our inventory tracking system, I make sure parts arrive in-house, flow through the assembly stages, and I help us get to the finish line.

What motivated you to join/start Seasats?

Doing CTD quality control with SIO Spray Glider UUV’s distributed around the world inspired me to focus my attention on building new networks of resilient ocean robots, with the goal of doing my own research with the data one day. I joined Seasats because I was impressed by the UI’s features, on-water demos of the vehicle, and the simplicity of the platform. With the well-rounded Seasats team, I see a path to scaling the production of our cutting edge-ASV’s to create a new network of vehicles gathering data from all corners of the world.

 What is one book/movie/media piece you’d recommend?
“Mind Gym” by Gary Mack is a great introduction to the study of sports psychology (the science of success). Gary provides fruitful content on the importance of mental training for achieving the top tier.
 What is a fact about you we wouldn’t learn from your LinkedIn/resume?

I have been training and competing in a cutting-edge hydrofoil sailing class called the “International Moth.” There’s lots of tinkering and tuning of the boat systems, and I get to build and test out custom composite parts. It’s been an immensely rewarding challenge so far.