Ocean Autonomy That Works


Ocean Autonomy That Works

Humpback Whale Breaching

Delivering scientific Data

Coral reefs are dying at unprecedented rates while many other marine species sit on the brink of extinction. To mitigate the worst effects of climate change, scientists and policy makers need comprehensive and accessible ocean observational data.

Seasats can be used to track and evaluate whale populations, to predict and monitor harmful algal blooms, to map undersea reefs and vegetation, and more. Automating these tasks provides more consistent and informative data while saving thousands of work hours per year.

Wind turbines in ocean

Accelerating Ocean Commerce

Energy and food production are inextricably linked with oceans. Renewed focuses on sustainable fishing, wave and wind power, and aquaculture ensure that our dependence on oceans will continue to increase.

With Seasats, commercial operators can monitor offshore infrastructure reliably and affordably, ensuring smooth operations and full compliance with regulations. Services include mapping, offshore communications, and remote inspections.

Line of warships with American flag

Modernizing Maritime Defense

Naval superiority requires the “small, the agile, and the many.” Today’s threats are already distributed and technologically sophisticated; tomorrow’s will require the ability to sense, strategize, and respond in an instant from across the globe.

Seasats can conduct dangerous intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions without risking lives. Fleets of Seasats can be paired with electronic warfare technologies to track and disorient adversaries in even the most remote places.

Why Seasats

Low Logistics

Ocean storms, pickup truck rides, dropping off a dock, air shipping — the Seasats X3 can handle it all. We make tools that keep you focused on your missions.

Predictable Operations

Monitor displaying Seasats user interface

With stored battery power, there’s no need to wait for ideal conditions. A browser-based UI and flexible APIs make mission planning and operations easy.

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

Science organization with limited budget? Conglomerate with big data needs? Contractor? We have options for all customer types.

The Seasats X3

X3 front view

Purchase Options

Buy a Vehicle

  • You own the platform
  • Standard sensor package included
  • Modify vehicle as desired
  • Optional training and tech support available


Lease a Vehicle

  • Bring your own sensors or choose from our library
  • Optional training and tech support available
  • 1-month minimum

Buy Data

  • Tell us what you need; we’ll handle sensor integration, deployment, and data collection
  • 10+ standard measurements available; custom upon request
  • 2-week minimum


*Dependent on mission and vehicle configuration