Autonomous ocean vehicles are redefining the maritime battlespace.

Recent events in the Black Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the South China Sea illustrate that the definition of naval superiority has changed.

High-capability/high-cost assets now face realistic threats from swarms of attritable platforms, making it harder to claim superiority through raw mass.

Instead, victories will be won by the side that can most effectively anticipate, track, deceive, and disrupt their adversaries.

Seasats vehicles are ideal for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); electronic warfare (EW); maritime domain awareness (MDA); and munitions detection.

 Light enough to be deployed from a RHIB or pickup truck but capable of multi-month missions, they offer a unique combination of capabilities.

Seasats has participated in the International Maritime Exercise (IMX), Digital Horizon, Trident Spectre, and other defense exercises.

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A transparent view of the Lightfish hull with the payload bay highlighted