We offer multiple purchasing options to meet customer needs.

Purchase an ASV

$129,000 (base)

Purchasing a vehicle gives you full control over when, how, and where you deploy. Operator trainings and integration support are available to ensure your missions are successful.

In addition to the base price above, customers will need to pay for data transmission and an annual software license. Trainings, spare parts, selected payloads, and integration support are optional add-ons.

Purchase Data

(Request Pricing)

Want to obtain some ocean dataset from the ocean without getting your feet wet? Give us a location, timeframe, and sensor set, and we can prepare and deploy ASVs to collect it.

Project pricing typically consists of a spin-up fee followed by per-day service fees. Drop us a line to see if we’re a good fit and start exploring rate details.

Lease a Vehicle

(Request Pricing)

Have a mid-length mission you’d like to manage yourself? A vehicle lease gives you the option to handle your own payload integrations and operations without purchasing a vehicle.

Reach out to get a quote and confirm that your project is a good fit for a lease. Pricing will depend on lease length, location and requested Seasats support.

Lead times vary depending on order size, product configuration, and existing order backlogs. Get in touch to claim your spot in line.