The X3

The X3 was Seasats’ first LRIP product. Repackaging modular components from the X6 into a more portable platform, the X3 made it possible for small teams to quickly handle every aspect of ASV operations, from payload integrations and mission planning to launch and recovery.

X3s have been deployed for mapping missions, scientific projects, and naval exercises around the world.

A Seasats X3 unmanned surface vessel operates in the Arabian Gulf, Nov. 29, during Digital Horizon 2022. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Brandon Murphy)

Keel removable for shipping

Electric drive system

Instrument mast

Solar deck

Modular payload bay with power and comms ports

Satellite and cell communications

Composite construction displacement hull

X3 on dolly
Two people launching a Seasats ASV from a rocky shoreline at night
A seasats autonomous surface vehicle being lowered from a dock using a crane
Two Seasats X3s moving in formation