Henry Wilson

 What do you do at Seasats?
I’m an electrical engineering intern. A lot of my job has been working on managing the electronic components database in addition to their 3D models. I also help with various testing and shop upkeep tasks.


What motivated you to join/start Seasats?
I was motivated to join Seasats to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to learn and gain experience from some incredibly smart and innovative people.


 What is one book/movie/media piece you’d recommend?
Check out the movie “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.” It’s a heartwarming story of a fat little boy and his dog Tupac running from authorities in the bush of New Zealand. I have yet to show it to someone who hasn’t loved it.

 What is a fact about you we wouldn’t learn from your LinkedIn/resume?
The love of my life is my ‘74 MGB roadster whose name is Daisy.