Cathal Keohane

 What do you do at Seasats?
I’m involved in the process of making parts and assembling boats. This includes cutting cloth, infusing composite parts and ensuring each piece of the boat is made to the highest standard.


What motivated you to join/start Seasats?
I have always been extremely interested in working with my hands. As far back as I can remember I have been working on some form of project, whether that be treehouses in the back garden, wooden surfboards or making ramps with my brothers. This trait has not left me as I entered adulthood, so when the opportunity arose to join Seasats I knew I would love the job and I was right! My time so far at Seasats has been incredible and I’m excited to see what the future of this company has in store.


 What is one book/movie/media piece you’d recommend?
The Endless Summer

 What is a fact about you we wouldn’t learn from your LinkedIn/resume?
I have travelled to 22 countries.