Vehicle Software Engineer

An engineer tracks an ocean mission on four monitors
Seasats team on a pier next to two ASVs
About Us:
Seasats is a small but rapidly growing company building autonomous boats for commercial, defense, and ocean science customers. The vehicles we build are strong and durable enough to carry sensors on multi-month ocean missions, but are also light enough to be handled by 1-2 people without cranes or heavy equipment.

The company is located in sunny San Diego, CA and is composed of talented engineers, builders, tinkerers, and business people. Internally, our shop work culture is hard working, but fun and quite flexible. Externally, we’ve built a reputation for being professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to getting the job done.

Vehicle Software Engineer

Salary Range:

$80,000-$130,000 + stock options

Rather than making a highly specific job post asking for x years of experience, we’ve left this post and its salary range pretty broad. If you apply, we’ll see how you would fit into our organization and offer compensation accordingly. Minimal work/project experience will lead to an offer on the lower end; killer experience/credentials will put you on the higher end.

Key Traits/Skills:
  • Python experience (required)
  • Experience with real-time systems and sensors (required)
  • Experience developing software for a Linux target (strongly preferred)
  • Communication skills, teamwork, and humility
  • Ability to independently research and explore new topics efficiently 
  • Nice-to-have skills (not required but attractive):
    • MySQL databases
    • Multi-threaded applications
    • Basic data science
    • C/C++
    • Mobile robotics knowledge: PID control systems, object avoidance, path planning, and resource management

The Details:

This developer will join our vehicle software team in San Diego. This team writes the onboard vehicle code that controls the behavior of our boats in the ocean. We move fast: more than once, we’ve researched, implemented, and tested a functioning MVP of a new sensor or autonomy capability within weeks of recognizing the need. This can be challenging, but it’s also awesome because maritime robotics has quietly become one of the fastest moving fields in applied robotics.

Here are some of the things this developer will get to do on a day-to-day / week-to-week basis:

  • Develop new features to make our boats smarter, more robust, and easier to use.
  • Write plumbing code to move data from various sensor or logic modules to the database or wherever it needs to be.
  • Test vehicle software on both simulators and real vehicles.
  • Add to our automated test suite to make the above bullet easier.
  • Support operations by monitoring and managing code on vehicles, working with both in-house production teams (e.g. supporting electrical sensor checkouts) and field operations and testing teams (getting/keeping boats in action).
  • Occasionally go to the water (locally or a customer site if you’re interested in travel) with a laptop to provide hands-on support and development.

This is an excellent opportunity to do high impact work, see your code go into live field robotics applications, and join a fun and hard working team on the cutting edge of ocean autonomy. Whether you’re a new grad or a 30 year industry vet, we expect an open-minded learning attitude from everyone at Seasats.

If you join, you’ll receive a competitive salary, health insurance, perks, stock options, and an important spot in a rapidly growing ocean tech company. We’re extremely committed to helping new team members succeed by ramping up with well-scoped projects and regularly taking the time to discuss where things are working and what needs to change. We’re also big on personal freedoms: if you’re on top of your responsibilities and want the afternoon off to surf, play with your dog, or do whatever you want to do, go for it! We have flexible hours, a flexible time off schedule, and a personable, kickass work culture. We want someone who’s stoked to contribute in and to this environment.

To Apply:

Please reach out to wbof@frnfngf.pbz with the following:

  • Confirmation that you’re in San Diego or willing to relocate here.
  • Link to your GitHub (if you have one). 
  • A sentence or two describing one piece of hardware you’ve broken due to a software/system error.
    • Hint: we’re just looking to get an idea of your experience writing software for physical systems and your ability to talk about failures. We don’t expect to hear that your software mistakes have destroyed satellites or anything (unless they have); small is fine (e.g. I fried an Arduino).
    • If you don’t have an applicable story of breakage here, describe three real-world systems you’ve written software for in 1-2 sentences each.
  • A resume.
  • A few sentences explaining how you heard about us and what you’d hope for in this job.
  • Possible start date (or range).

We appreciate diverse perspectives and life experiences and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply. Note, however, that we are currently unable to sponsor employment visas, so candidates must be independently authorized to work in the United States.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Thanks for checking us out!