Ocean Autonomy That Works


Collapsible Keel

Electric Drive System

Instrument Mast

Solar Panels

Quick-swap Payload Bay

Stern Antenna Mount

Composite Hull

Seasats’ next-generation autonomous surface vehicle (ASV), built to handle everything the ocean can throw at it.

With two-person portability, multi-month endurance, and a modular payload bay, the Lightfish is a versatile tool for 21st-century ocean work.

Markets We Serve:

Seasats ASVs can be used to monitor and predict harmful algal blooms, to map undersea reefs and vegetation, track marine mammals, and more. Automating these tasks provides more consistent data while saving thousands of work hours per year.

A low profile and fast deployability make the Lightfish a powerful building block for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and maritime domain awareness (MDA). Operators are tough to support at sea, but our ASVs are happiest on water.

The Blue Economy is expanding fast, and traditional methods can’t satisfy the data appetites of offshore wind, aquaculture, and shipping. ASVs provide a safe and cost-effective way to gather ocean data at scale, helping foster sustainable and profitable growth.

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