The X3: Launch in minutes - Perform for months

From simple payload access to fast launchability and multi-month endurance, the X3 is made to maximize time on the water.

Keel removable for shipping

Electric drive system

Instrument mast

Solar deck

Modular payload bay with power and comms ports

Satellite and cell communications

Composite construction displacement hull

Table of vehicle specifications

“[Seasats] saved us a huge amount of technician time and significantly reduced the time from sample collection to sample analysis. We look forward to working with them on our next project!”

Jeff Bowman, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Seasats ASV with solar deck

The X3 has a patent-pending removable solar deck that maximizes solar area without restricting access to payloads.

A computer monitor next to a phone, both showing the Seasats user interface

Missions are planned, controlled, and monitored from any phone or laptop using a proprietary browser-based user interface.

A spacious modular payload bay makes it easy to swap and service sensors. A Blue Robotics 6″ enclosure or a Polycase WC-44 fit perfectly, and connectors providing data and power for up to four payloads ensure fast electronic integrations.

Payloads the X3 has carried include:

  • Sonar systems
  • Water samplers
  • Electronic warfare equipment
  • Water temperature sensors
  • Weather stations
  • HF radios
  • Underwater cameras

and more.

An outline of an ASV with the payload bay highlighted

Design Goals


The best solution is the one that gets the job done with minimal complexity. That’s why the X3 has few moving parts, straightforward launch and recovery processes, and intuitive controls.


Maintenance and upgrades are a part of life for any technology meant to perform for years. Every component in the X3 is designed for easy access and maintenance.


In the open ocean, any design or manufacturing flaw can trigger a chain of failures. Seasats ASVs are built to complete missions even in conditions too demanding for crewed vessels.